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The primary goal behind Birmingham Hero is to bring awareness and appreciation to our local heroes for all they do in our community when they sell or purchase their home.  This program connects like minded real estate agents, lenders, and affiliates who are willing to offer a portion of their commissions/fees back the Birmingham Heroes.  The unique structure was designed by a local real estate broker and allows the Hero to receive their program benefit AT the closing table instead of waiting for weeks like other programs.  All of the time spent and marketing created to promote Birmingham Hero is donated by its real estate participants, eliminating any overhead that other programs duduct from the Hero's benefit.  With Birmingham Hero, the money goes where its participants intend, directly to the Hero.


Birmingham Hero began in 2019 when a local real estate broker looked into becoming a participant of a similar program.  After discovering the unnecessaary fees and charges for heroes and agents to use these programs, comparing several nationwide, and seeing that those fees were mostly spent on administrative expense, the Birmingham Hero concept was created.  She then made phone calls to the Alabama Real Estate Commission, consulted with attorneys, discussed it with her local lender, title company, and closing attorney, designed the logo, bought the domain, created the forms and addenda, created marketing material to promote it, and was launched.  We are proud to be the first program of its kind in the Birmingham area and look forward to serving our heroes well as we have for so many others before them.

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